Crossroads granted ABC Off License and other Southside beer options

I list all the spots I swing by or have heard of for craft beer. Where did I miss?

In good news for beer drinkers favorite coffee/music/beer hall has been granted it’s ABC Off License. As part of that Off License they’ll be doing growler fills.

Dreams do come true!! Crossroads is now your neighborhood growler fill up station!! You can also swing by and buy beer and wine by the bottle to drink elsewhere! Thank you all for the 12 years of lovingly supporting your local: coffee-ice cream-beer-wine-community pub-home office-get away-bagel with the works-arcade-specialty sports bar-breakfast burrito-music venue-dog patio haven-home away from home-sweet treat- I have nowhere else to go- destination. We love you Richmond!

I haven’t been in yet to see how competitive the pricing is but would expect it to be a bit higher than average but that’s the price you pay for convenience and access to rare draft beers. I plan to remedy my lack of attendance tonight so will update with sample pricing.

Crossroads doesn’t have the market cornered on take home beer, below is my list of place that I know sell quality craft beer in our area for at home consumption. I’m intentionally leaving out the grocery stores and convenience store chains and focusing on locally owned.

  • taZa – Smallish collection of beer with a decidedly VA/RVA focus. A great place to check for those rare bottles of Lickinghole Creek and Hardywood, taZa often will have them when those bottle are sold out elsewhere. No growlers only bottles but you can drink them on site and just like Crossroads you can order a nice coffee beverage or get ice cream for the kids.
  • 48 Hrs. – I was shocked 10 years ago at the large selection of beer they had and I’m somehow always surprised when I stop in now. They seem to bounce around a bit on what they get but I consider that a good thing. Great place to swing by if you’re running late to a friends bbq.
  • Once Upon a Vine South – This is the place to go if you looking for the largest selection. They also added four taps this year so they’re doing growler fills. On tap you’ll often find rarities like Young Veterans Brewing Company’s Pineapple Grenade. Pineapple Grenade is a tasty hefeweizen that manages to taste like pineapple without being too sweet, highly recommend this beer and brewery.
  • S&K Mini Mart – I hear they have a good selection but somebody else will have to chime in.
  • Camden’s Dogtown Market – Small selection but you can have a completely delicious meal and pickup a six pack of a craft standby.
  • Legend Brewing – Go figure they’ve got growler fills and bottles of Legend beer. Great if you like Legend. I’m very curious about a new beer they’ve released this week R.I.P Ale, a red IPA done in collaboration with Lost Rhino. Keep your eye out for a new growler they’ll be selling, it looks like a mini keg.legend_growler
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Richard Hayes

When Richard isn’t rounding up neighborhood news, he’s likely watching soccer or chasing down the latest and greatest craft beer.

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