Copperhead captured in downtown parking lot

Snake parks in spot clearly marked for compact cars.

Update #1 — June 11, 2015; 9:51 AM


“(Copperheads) tend to stay on the ground. They’re not known to climb trees,” Kleopfer said. “Definitely, they’re not going to climb to the third floor of a parking garage. I can’t even explain it.”

That same article states that the snake was captured. All the snake action occurred in the RTD parking garage. I think there is a joke about journalists and snakes in there somewhere but it’s tough to find as I sit here in my glass house.

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Original — June 10, 2015

Before we all get our whacking sticks and stream into the street looking for snakes, let’s remember that not all snakes are bad. Also not every banded snake is a copperhead, check out the differences between venomous copperheads and other look alikes.

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