Committee votes down proposed $250,000 Carytown sign

The unpopular sign fails to clear a necessary hurdle.

The Urban Design Committee today unanimously voted down a proposed Carytown sign measuring 11’ tall and 24’ wide and would have cost roughly $250,000.

Graham Moomaw of the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported the committee’s rejection. According to Moomaw, if the City Planning Commission also nixes the sign, the proposed design will be withdrawn from further consideration.

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Nathan Cushing

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  1. downside… now they are going to start over and probably spend more than $250,000 in planning anyway

  2. Not against a sign, but hoping for a better design. As for the money, its been in motion for a long time, long before the latest political stuff with the schools (which do deserve better funding).

  3. Brian E on said:

    schools get enough funding, they need better management of the dollars. compare $ spent / student for RPS vs other school systems. How many building could have fixed with all the money to pay off all the fired / resigned supt over the past 10 years??

  4. Look at the maintenance budget for school buildings. Assistant Superintendent for Operations Tommy Kranz released a report saying the City has about $35 million in immediate maintenance needs at its four dozen schools and school buildings.

  5. We are running too many schools.

  6. Maybe, but my point is that maintenance for City schools has been shorted for decades. I don’t blame the Carytown sign for that, which, like I said, was planned for and budgeted years ago. I blame a City leadership that is more interested in pushing corporate welfare projects than properly aligning the budget to public needs. It’s also worth looking at how Richmond Renaissance/Venture Richmond is allowed to raise money through its tax assessment area vs. Carytown District.

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