City Council roundup

Council plowed through a massive, 68-item agenda last night.


You can download last night’s agenda here (PDF). Watch out, it’s a big one: 11 pages, 68 items in total, 53 of which were on the Consent Agenda.

Recaps and resources

  • Here’s the estimable Graham Moomaw’s recap in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. You gotta scroll down past the news that the mayor has reluctantly agreed to fund some of Richmond Public School’s emergency maintenance to get to the bits about last night’s council meeting.
  • Council passed Ordinance 2014-94 (PDF) which allows The Camel to operate as a night club and host (loud) live music until 2:00 AM every night.
  • They also passed Resolution 2014-R172 (PDF), the “Complete Streets Policy,” which modifies the City’s design and construction standards so that all transportation improvement projects “be planned for, designed, and constructed to provide appropriate accommodation for persons of all ages and abilities, including pedestrians, bicyclists, transit passengers, and motorists, while promoting safe operation for all users.” Hit page seven in the linked PDF to read about what it all means.

Tweets from last night

Photo of Cardinal Compass playing The Camel by Eli Christman

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