City Council: A baseball fight by proxy

City Council continues ordinances to accept The Diamond from the RMA, while RVA looks for every opportunity to talk about plans for the new baseball stadium.

City Council ended their informal meeting early yesterday afternoon by continuing three ordinances (2013-221, 2013-222, 2013-223 (PDFs)) that would transfer The Diamond and some surrounding property from the RMA to the City.

As #rvacouncil watchers would say later in the evening,1 this is significant because:

  1. Currently Richmond holds six seats on the RMA board, while Chesterfield and Henrico hold two a piece.2 This gives Richmond a heavy advantage when voting on things like…should we give The Diamond back to the City of Richmond.
  2. The General Assembly can decide how those seats are distributed.
  3. Legislators (Del. Manoli Loupassi from Chesterfield) have a couple of bills in the works for the 2014 General Assembly that would equalize the seats between the three localities (a similar attempt to equalize things was shot down this February by the GA).
  4. The 2014 Session of the General Assembly convenes on January 8th…before January 27th.

So a worst-case scenario is: the GA decides to equalize the seats on the RMA board before City Council has a chance to accept the property, then the newly-formed RMA board changes their mind on what to do with The Diamond. Got it?

Well, not so fast my friend! The worst-case scenario was seemingly averted when, somehow, the three papers ended up back on the agenda.

Then there was a pretty intense outpouring of water from the ceiling of the Council chambers:

But the worst-case scenario is totally still possible, because, turns out, not everyone in attendance (both Council members and the public) were stoked about the City accepting the property from the RMA. Even as the City’s CAO Byron Marshall pointed out that the intent has always been for the property to revert back to the City.

All for naught though as Council unanimously voted to continue the RMA ordinances to their January 13th meeting (still after the opening of the General Assembly’s 2014 session).

The consent agenda passed, and Councilman Agelasto baked 700 cookies.

— ∮∮∮ —

Richmond is passionate about The New Baseball Stadium. We’ve been passionate about it for over five years. Now, as it looks like the City is closer to moving on a new baseball diamond than ever before, each opportunity to argue about the thing will become a Big Deal.

— ∮∮∮ —


  1. It’s pretty fantastic that we even have people paying attention to City Council! 
  2. Here’s a good piece over on the Chesterfield Observer that explains some the counties’ point of view
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