Chocolates by Kelly seeking funding for equipment

Chocolate makes the world go round, or so I hear.

From Chocolates by Kelly GoFundMe:

I am Kelly. I make chocolate. The best chocolate (really, ask around). My humble little business started with one small chocolate tempering machine with a 10lb capacity. Over the last 10 years, my little machine has helped me make thousands and thousands of pounds of wonderful chocolates.

When my machine broke down I took it apart and fixed it (there are no listings for Tempering Machine Repair companies in the phone book, for the record). I couldn’t afford a new one. Its life expectancy might have been 2 or 3 years. Its begged me to put it out to pasture. My little Frankenstien machine is at least two houses and three apartments old by now. Its been dismantled, cleaned, and even rewired. Parts have dry rotted and burned away, I just replace them rather than throw it in a landfill somewhere.

Please help me breathe new life, yet again into my little Frankenstien and get a new machine as well.
I’ve created 8 jobs since I started my business. (That may not seem like much but it IS.) I need equipment to keep my wonderful staff busy making wonderful chocolates!!

Thank you so much in advance for your generosity. You will be making a huge difference.

Chocolates by Kelly has been a great part of the community and has provided literally tons of chocolate and other sweet treats to the neighborhood. It would be a shame to have those tasty morsels disappear. It’s pretty amazing that those wires and electronics pictured above are used to make these treats.

Chocolates by Kelly

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