Cellphones, the James River, and Christopher Hitchens

The National Transportation Safety Board wants to ban all cellphone use in vehicles, the final proposals for the riverfront were submitted, and Christopher Hitchens died this week.


One of my favorite Richmond restaurants, Nate’s Taco Truck Stop, is closing up shop. Today is the last day for you head over to 2nd Street and jam a chicken skin taco straight into your mouth. It’s more appealing than it sounds, trust me. That a place getting national press couldn’t make it work is a huge bummer.

If you want to go full bummies, read our interview with Nate on why he’s shutting things down.


The National Transportation Safety Board announced their recommendation for a federal ban on using any “personal electronic device” while driving. There’s a good chance you’re reading this very article on your phone while driving. If that’s the case consider this:

…a Virginia Tech Transportation Institute study of commercial drivers found that a safety-critical event is 163 times more likely if a driver is texting, e-mailing, or accessing the Internet.


Hargreaves Associates presented their final proposal for Richmond’s riverfront, and it’s jam packed with creative opportunities. The recommendations range from big ticket ideas like buying Mayo Island (of which Venture Richmond’s Jack Berry says “without property, you can’t do any of this”), to easier things like converting old rail lines to trails.

Now, will any of these ideas actually be executed?


President Obama announced that he would withdraw 100% of the remaining US troops (39,000) in Iraq by the end of this year. The Whitehouse has a cool scrolly timeline thing of our war in Iraq that’s worth checking out.


People from writer Christopher Buckley to comedian Patton Oswalt expressed sadness after hearing that essayist Christopher Hitchens passed away yesterday evening. Often acerbic and well-sauced, Hitchens weighed in on topics as varied as religion, Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger, and the (recently ended) Iraq War.

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