Call for pitches!

Every so often, we put out a call for people to pitch us the ideas that they think would make for great RVANews content. Now is that time!

Every so often, we put out a call for people to pitch us the ideas that they think would make for great RVANews content. Now is that time!

So here it is: we’re looking for talented folks–be them student, long-time RVA resident, or new transplant–who have a really great idea that they think others should read about. We’re not looking for any topics in particular; we want to know what’s on your mind, people!

If you have an idea for content, be it a one-time thing or a regular series, let us know. We’re all ears.

Just shoot an email to, we look forward to hearing from you!


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  1. Jack on said:

    A dating column named ‘Robot Hearts’.

    That’s gold!

  2. @Jack: Do you know any now-famous radio hosts who’d be interested?

  3. Matt on said:

    A column for men called “The Gaze”

  4. anonymous on said:

    Like “5 Things” and “RVA Deals”, a weekly column on volunteer opportunities and local nonprofit news that is written in an entertaining and enticing manner, without too much of the dry press release crap or even the maudlin ‘this is why you should care’ stuff.

    Also, like “5 Things” and “RVA Deals”, a weekly column on local politics with multiple local contributors who come from different ideological orientations- not just Republicans and Democrats, but also libertarians, socialists, greens, nihilists, etc. For example, I see potential in a Paul Hammond vs. Silver Persinger rivalry with Richmond City Council coverage. But there is a lot of local politics that could be covered in a more condensed and entertaining way.
    This could set up some lively debate and at the same time really entertain and educate readers.

    There could also be some interesting partnerships made with WRIR to broadcast these columns in an audio format.

    I also do miss the “Live From Impenema” feature. Local music gets covered elsewhere, but again could be some interesting partnerships with local radio.

    More local zine reviews and maybe even local media critique. When the college newspapers are working, there is sometimes news that could be picked up from them.

  5. PLEASE bring back It’s Not the Heat…that was a great column that showcased some great photography here in the RVA. I might be biased since I’m a photographer myself, but RVA is full of great photographers and I love checking out their work.

  6. I second Will Weaver!

  7. bopst on said:

    More music.

  8. Catherine on said:

    I would be interested in a weekly column that profiles older Richmond residents. Oral histories are the best!

  9. shannon on said:

    Weekly or monthly interview with successful, popular Richmond movers and shakers. Think questions like “Inside the Actors Studio.” Even everyday people…everyone has a story. (like that journalist who used to pick a name in the phone book and interview them)

  10. famous/successful richmonders

  11. Sound of truth on said:

    A weekly profile of a local nonprofit would be cool. There are so many, it’d be years before you run out of content. It would also be a platform to discuss local issues, needs, and volunteer opportunities.

  12. interviews with homeless people

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