Become a steward of the trees and make Richmond a better, shadier home

Trees are awesome and need our help.

The map above is from the Virginia Urban Tree Canopy Mapper and as you can see by all the green that we have a bunch of trees. The yellow on the map are areas were there could be even more trees. All those trees both real and future need to be cared for and you with just a bit of training could be one of those caretakers.

A message from the Richmond Tree Stewards:

Help add more GREEN to our URBAN CANOPY:
Become a Richmond Tree Steward.

The urban canopy is the layer of leaves, branches and stems that cover the ground when viewed from above.  Richmonds’ canopy is at about 40%, which is considered good by some standards, but more is needed   Ecosystem health (and probably our own) will be better if there are more trees in our future!

With our 10 week course plus hands-on-the-tree training  you will learn proper pruning and planting techniques, tree biology, and tree pathology. You’ll also have a better understanding of the lives of urban trees and why they matter.   You’ll then be well equipped to help add more green to the map, either through tree care, tree planting or educating others about the importance of trees.

Questions? Contact Us.
Apply before November 25.

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