Artist writes a letter to person who vandalized her mural

Do you know of other murals that have been defaced? The number of blank walls hit by taggers are too many to count.

From RVAMag:

My rant is about the value of art and mostly about respecting YOURSELF as an artist.

It parallels respecting your potential in life. So this is not just for people who consider art their career, their calling, their blood. It’s what I talk about all the time – but theres more reason to do so today because


This particular mural is across the street from the RVANews’ offices so I was lucky enough to watch the whole process of creation and as always watching an artist at work is inspiring. Seeing someone destroy or damage that work heart wrenching.

The picture above is from today so you can see that the graffiti has been fixed. This got me to wondering how many other murals have been tagged? The tagging in the fan has gotten out of hand and quite frankly I’m surprised that people waiting at the bus stop haven’t been hit by the spray can.

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Richard Hayes

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