Lunch at Grace Noodle

A review of sorts.

Hot soup on a cold day is a great thing. Hot soup with house made noodles is even better. Such was my lunch yesterday at Grace Noodle.

I had the Tan Tan Ramen, chicken and green onion in a fiery broth. Normally when a menu says “very spicy” I reach for the hot sauce because I know there won’t be enough heat. Tan Tan lived up to its “very spicy” billing and it was glorious. I was, or at least my belly was, impervious to the cold for the remainder of the day. Not only was there heat but there was an abundance of flavors so not heat for heats sake.

When talking ramen you’ve got to talk noodle. The noodles at Grace Noodle are made in house and they’re not like your typical noodle. Great texture and full of flavor all on their own.

My dining companion had the Stamina Ramen (seen above) which is a corn starch based broth with chili sauce, garlic, ground pork, leeks, and bean sprouts. Much less heat and almost a smokey flavor, it had me doubting my own choice for a bit.

You’ll pay about $9 a piece for a bowl of Ramen that’s plenty big enough for lunch tomorrow. They don’t have an ABC License and the decor is minimalists but the food is a delight and I highly recommend you give it a shot. Grace Noodle Facebook has a ton of pictures which will tempt all lovers of the noodle.

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