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Yesterday we asked this question on the Twitters:

Yesterday we asked this question on the Twitters:

It was fun reading all of the responses, so we thought we’d share some of them with the rest of you folks. Don’t worry, we’ve removed user names to keep anyone from getting fired/in trouble/etc. in case they weren’t exactly “on task.”

“Howard stern”

“my coworkers rant about bad movies. it’s disappointing.”

“‘New Schools’ by the Sea and Cake.”

“Max B ‘All My Life'”

“I may or may not be listening to Wang Chung. No judging.


“singing the Hot Pockets jingle to myself in my head…”


“Passion Pit, courtesy of Pandora Radio.”


“young blood by naked and famous on @altnation on xm radio”

“Immotal Avenger – Twilight Victory”

“Snoring cats.”

“‘dancing on the moonlight’ #throughyourselfandbackagain”

“hercules and love affair.”

“public radio!”

“Get up, Stand up by Bob Mrley”

“Diamonds and Guns- Transplants”

“Johnny Cash station on Pandora.”

“#TheKingisDead by @TheDecemberists.”

“Ben (L’Oncle Soul) – seven nation army”

“a professor at #vcu!”

“zac brown”

“My daughter and hubby laughing hysterically. Best. Sound. Ever.”

How about you? What are you listening to at this moment in time?

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Valerie Catrow

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