Weather! Unsettled weekend ahead

While Friday’s been gorgeous, a slow-moving boundary will linger from the weekend into next week. If you’re a fan of cloudy skies and vague threats of rain, this is going to be your weekend.

One year ago today tornadoes spun across the south, taking more than 300 lives and changing many, many more. While most of the focus has been on Alabama, and rightfully so, Virginia was not exempt, experiencing nearly a dozen tornadoes from that night through the morning of April 28. The Birmingham News has posted some recently-released 911 calls from that fateful day. Many, if not all, of these stories are heartbreaking, and people just like these will be rebuilding for quite some time.

On a positive note, we’re not looking at anything like a repeat of last year this weekend. Today’s gorgeous skies depart, however; as a slow-moving frontal boundary will keep clouds and the threat of rain around all weekend long.

Friday: Only a few clouds have spoiled what was an otherwise fantastic day today. Temperatures made it all the way to 70 this afternoon, and will dive back to the upper 30s overnight tonight. Clouds will start to build in early Saturday morning as this front makes its first approach from the south.

Friday Squirrelcast (vs. New Britain, 6:35pm): It’s a great night to see the Squirrels! Expect temperatures in the mid 60s around first pitch sinking into the low 50s by the 9th inning, with partly clear skies all night long.

Saturday: A warm front slides from the south into Virginia though the day. Expect partly to mostly cloudy skies, especially later in the day. The chance for rain isn’t as great as it will be on Sunday, but don’t be surprised if some light showers disrupt any planned outdoor activities. Highs will struggle to reach 60 tomorrow, and only fall into the lower 50s Saturday night.

Saturday Squirrelcast (vs. New Britain, 6:35pm): Cool and cloudy will be the story tomorrow night, with the chance for a passing shower all night long. Temperatures will stay relatively stable, dipping from 57 to 53 by the game’s end.

Sunday: The front stalls out across Virginia on Sunday. The exact location will determine how warm it gets; highs could easily range from the low 60s to near 70 if we can get behind the front and get some clearing. Showers will again be a possibility through most of the day. Temperatures dip into the upper 40s overnight.

Sunday Squirrelcast (vs. New Britain, 2:05pm): The Sunday matinee has some promise; if we can get clear of the front, there may be some signs of sunshine for the rubber match of the series with New Britain. What’s more likely is a day of overcast skies with some more rain chances through the duration of the game. Look for temperatures in the low 60s, warming some if we can get some extra sun. If not, go to the park prepared for a little rain.

The pesky front lingers through the beginning of next week. There’s some signs of improvement, but we’ve got to wait unti Wednesday to see them.

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Weather Dan

Dan Goff is now a two-time former Richmonder, having departed the River City yet again in favor of southwest Virginia, where he is working on degrees in geography and meteorology at Virginia Tech. Have a question about the weather or weather-related phenomena?

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