Weather! The Debut

The RVANews staff is stoked (STOKED) to present its latest and greatest addition: Weather! Come on in and have a look…

The good: March 1 is the beginning of meteorological spring, which means that astronomical spring (the vernal equinox) won’t be far behind.

The bad: It’s not here yet.

The ugly: There’s a chance for more snow, and I’m not talking about the Canadian rapper.

The less ugly and slightly better: It won’t be like the snow event from last March.

I was hoping that the launch of the RVANews Weather section would come with slightly calmer weather and a chance to ease into this, but it appears that it will not be so. I enjoy snow, but I am ready for this winter to be over.

We’re still seeing some influence from the area of low pressure that brought the latest snowstorm to the northeast, which is still lurking off the coast of the Canadian Maritimes. We’ll have yet another breezy day with winds out of the northwest. The one advantage is that the winds coming off the mountains should keep things clear, at least through the day. Temperatures will be right around normal for the day (53/33), but sadly nowhere near the record high of 80 for the day. Ladies? Thinking about wearing a skirt tomorrow? Probably a bad idea. Guys? Got a lady who likes to wear skirts? Don’t dissuade her!

Clouds will start building in Monday night into Tuesday morning as an area of low pressure approaches from the Gulf Coast. There’s still some question as to exactly when the precipitation will begin falling Tuesday afternoon, but I feel confident saying that it will begin as rain. Whether or not surface temperatures get low enough to support snow all the way to the ground (and if so, how much) is still up for some debate. Richmond will likely get into the low 40s before the rain starts falling Tuesday afternoon. Evening temperatures should fall into the mid 30s, with the rain changing over to a cold rain/snow mix as temps approach freezing.

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Weather Dan

Dan Goff is now a two-time former Richmonder, having departed the River City yet again in favor of southwest Virginia, where he is working on degrees in geography and meteorology at Virginia Tech. Have a question about the weather or weather-related phenomena?

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