Weather! Partly gorgeous with a chance of Squirrel

The pattern for the rest of this week is setting up to be a fantastic one. The heat is still here, but the humidity has left town.

The pattern for the rest of this week is setting up to be a fantastic one. The heat is still here, but the humidity has left town.

Wednesday is already underway, with clear skies and warm temperatures. The difference in humidity should be noticeable from the last few days. Highs today will again reach into the mid 80s, with a light breeze. Clear conditions will persist through tonight, with lows in the mid 60s.

Squirrelcast (vs. Altoona, 7:05pm): Another great night for baseball; hopefully the Squirrels will rebound from last night’s thrashing. Game-time temperature will be near 70, dropping only into the upper 60s as the game progresses.

More of the same, only slightly warmer for Thursday. High temperatures will approach 90; winds and humidity pick up slightly, driving some increased cloudcover and making for a slightly breezy day, and the threat for rain is still nonexistent. Temperatures drop into the upper 50s near 60 overnight with some lingering clouds.

Squirrelcast (vs. Altoona, 10:35am): First pitch temperature Thursday morning will be near 80, with more clear skies. Humidity levels and wind speeds will be a bit higher, so you’ll see a few extra clouds floating by as you enjoy the breeze at the Diamond. Post-game temperatures will be in the mid 80s, while the clouds and the breeze stick around.

Looking ahead to the weekend, in short: fantastic. A cold front will bring some cooler air for Sunday, so keep that in mind if you’re making outdoor Mother’s Day lunch/brunch plans.

I’ll have my next forecast on Friday, including a forecast for the Komen Race for the Cure and Strawberry Street Festival, and what to expect for Mother’s Day.

Update: I’m not quite sure how I forgot to mention this, but today is also Hug A Meteorologist Day! I don’t have any idea on the origin of the holiday, but any day that nets me free hugs is a great one in my book.

Update 2: Whoops, an alert commenter (thanks, Beth Ann!) reminded me that the Squirrels play a day game on Thursday. I’ve got an updated Squirrelcast for Thursday above.

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