Weather! Friday hot, hot, hot!

And Saturday and Sunday, too! You can’t beat this weekend, though. All sorts of events are going on, and the weather couldn’t be more perfect for all of them.

And Saturday and Sunday, too! You can’t beat this weekend, though. All sorts of events are going on, and the weather couldn’t be more perfect for all of them.

Not only is Friday the last day of April, it’s also National Arbor Day. Take a look at the Arbor Day Foundation site for information on how to get your own free trees. As I mentioned earlier in the week, Friday is going to be a great start to the weekend. Clear skies with a light southwest breeze will be the story for all weekend, with temperatures only going up, up, up! Highs Friday will peak in the low 80s, and low dewpoints will keep relative humidity values in the 20-30% range. Friday night low temperatures fall into the low 60s.

Friday night: Whether you’re going to the Diamond to see the Flying Squirrels (vs. Bowie, 7:05pm), the Raceway for the NASCAR Nationwide Series race, or anywhere else, you’re going to have a beautiful night to spend outdoors. Skies will stay clear, and temperatures at7pm will still be in the low 70s.

The pattern continues for Saturday, with only minor variations. High temperatures Saturday climb well into the 80s, though skies stay clear. Humidity levels will rise significantly on Saturday, with dewpoints in the 60s, bringing a faint hint of the sticky summer yet to come. The concern is Saturday evening, as a small area of instability is being forecast to move through the area and may trigger an isolated thunderstorm Saturday evening. The focal area mostly west of I-95, but it will be worth keeping an eye on the sky (and an ear to your NOAA Weather Radio) in the event anything does flare up. Saturday night lows fall back into the mid 60s, making for another warm, clear night.

Saturday night: There’s more baseball (vs. Bowie, 6:35pm) and more racing (NASCAR Sprint Cup Series) on tap for Saturday night. Since most of the disturbed weather is projected to pop up west of I-95, there shouldn’t be much interference with either sporting event. That being said, there’s the chance for an isolated thunderstorm to pop up anywhere in the region, so the skies are worth monitoring. Saturday 7pm temperatures should still be hanging out in the 70s.

The record high for Sunday is 92, and there’s a good chance that we will challenge that. The third straight day of sunny skies and unseasonably warm temperatures is also the warmest; highs Sunday should hit 90 without too much trouble. More clear skies, more light winds, and another chance of an isolated shower west of I-95 is the story for Sunday. Nighttime lows will fall back into the mid 60s.

Sunday Squirrelcast (vs. Bowie, 2:05pm): Go catch the Sunday matinee at the Diamond – just remember to put on the sunblock before you go. Afternoon temperatures will hover near 90 with a light breeze. It’s going to be a great day for baseball.

Enjoy the weekend! The first part of next week is looking just as good.

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