Virginia brewers pick their favorite 4th of July beers

We asked some of Virginia’s best brewers to recommend a great beer to drink on a hot, humid 4th of July.

It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity! You and all of your friends on July 4th

Assuming the weather holds out, this 4th of July could be a scorcher with temperatures in the 90s. If you ask me, nothing complements independence from England, sweltering temperatures, and a friendly round of croquet better than a nice cold beer. But which beer!? It’s got to be just the perfect brew to cut through the heat (and humidity) and refresh your very soul. However will you choose?

Well, I’m certainly no expect, but Virginia is packed with breweries and brewmasters, so I thought I’d ask a bunch of ’em! Here’s eight of Virginia’s breweries on which beer they’d pick to drink on a sticky, sweaty, Virginia 4th of July. The one catch? They had to pick a beer brewed by someone else!

Enjoy, and if you’ve got a favorite hot summer’s day beer leave it in the comments below.

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Center of the Universe Brewing Company

  • O’Connor El Guapo • Agave IPA
  • Notes: Citrusy, hoppy, and just strong enough to make you forget you are melting in the Virginia heat.

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Devils Backbone Brewing Company

  • Sierra Nevada Summerfest • Summertime lager
  • Notes: While not exactly exotic, Sierra Nevada’s Summerfest is a great hot weather beer and my pick for 4th of July cookouts and fireworks.

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Legend Brewing Company

Legend-Square PICKS
  • St. George Pilsner • Pilsner
  • Notes: I’m a pilsner fan, and any nice, local brewed pilsner is good with me.

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Midnight Brewery

Midnight-Square PICKS

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O’Connor Brewing

OConnor-Square PICKS

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Star Hill Brewing Company

StarrHill-Square PICKS
  • Mad Fox Kölsch • Kolsch
  • Notes: It’s a tough decision however we’re going to go with Mad Fox Kölsch for that beautiful hot and humid Virginia night.

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Strangeways Brewing

Strangeways-Square PICKS

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St. George Brewing Company

StGeorge-Square PICKS

Photo by: darthmimi

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