View from a Hill

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Matthew McDonald

I see you.

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  1. anonymous on said:

    I really wish some of these corporations would cut their lights at night

  2. anonymous on said:
  3. Katelyn on said:

    If you don’t want to see lights, don’t live in the city. Richmond is beautiful.

  4. anonymous on said:

    We used to be able to see the stars from that view.

    Who’s using those lights at night?

  5. beautiful picture, but yeah, lighting up nothing is a bit stupid

  6. Jennifer C. on said:

    Gonna go with anonymous: stars would be prettier. When I was a kid, sometimes we could see the Milky Way. My kids won’t.

  7. Denny R. on said:

    I bet there are some productive employees earning an honest wage in those office buildings. And we definitely need lights on the Lee Bridge for safety; there are some sketchy characters on that bridge at night.

  8. Scott Burger on said:

    So whole buildings need to be lit up at night? That’s ridiculous. You can have productivity and safety while still making lighting more efficient and less polluting.

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