Vegans rejoice, a noodle duel, and RVA gets another delicious doughnut destination

This week’s food news includes something for: vegans, carnivores, celiacs, and people who love to drink–I think that covers just about everyone?

Have you ever wished that one of your favorites chefs would spend more time crafting delicious snack-like items and less time doing whatever it is chefs do when they aren’t sweating in a hot kitchen somewhere? You’re in luck because, according to, Chef Lee Gregory at The Roosevelt has put together an early bird menu just for you! From 5:00 – 6:30 PM, Tuesday – Friday you can get some great sounding snacks paired with some great sounding drinks (one of which is a Ruby Redbird Shandy!!).

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Are you ready for a noodle duel? Which, truth be told, sounds like one of the safest, least threatening ways to duel. According to Fan of the Fan, there are two noodle shops coming to the area. First, you’ve got Noodles & Company moving into the old Hyperlink spot on Grace Street–the umpteenth chain restaurant to set up shop on VCU’s campus. Second, My Noodle will take over the old Cellar Door space on Stuart Circle.

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PETA included Richmond in their list of the top ten most vegan-friendly cities in America. It’s pretty good company to be in: Austin; Portland; Los Angeles; New York; Chicago; Seattle; Salt Lake City; Las Vegas; and Boulder, Colorado. Keep up the good work, vegetables!

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What’s that, Richmond? You needed a second place to eat that considers both a bacon wrap (!) and chicken nuggets a side item? A place that has over 30 different things to put in your milkshake (and will put them all in there at no extra cost)? That’s right, Cookout will open its third Richmond location at 4300 S. Laburnum Avenue–which you might know as “right across the street from the Steak n’ Shake.”

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In more fatty fried news, Sugar Shack Donuts, RVA’s newest doughnut shop, opened their doors this week. I guess people liked the product, because they completely sold out of their delicious (trust me) doughnuts. Gluten-free and vegan offerings disappeared in just one hour. If you’re looking for GF doughnuts, make sure you check the Facebook page first as they’re still tweaking their GF production line. Sugar Shack Donuts is located behind the Kroger on Lombardy (1001 N. Lombardy Street).

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This Saturday from 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM, the Virginia Historical Society will host the 3rd Annual Uncorked. Drown or bury your sorrows in wine or food respectively. Tickets are just $12 and proceeds benefit the YWCA of Richmond!

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This is easily this best press release I’ve gotten all week.

Photo by: Anne Aurelia Lewis

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