Congratulations to Trailblazer Award winners!

Enrichmond Trailblazer winners have been announced, and, should you pass any of these fine folks on the street, be sure to remark to them that they have been instrumental in making your lives better. Because they have!

Update #1 — April 13, 2015; 4:08 PM

On Friday, April 10th, Enrichmond announced the winners in each category of the Trailblazer Awards. Each will receive a monetary prize (a scholarship, in the student’s case) and the thanks of the entire city (get on that, citizens) for doing so much to help RVA’s environment.

Student Trailblazer

Raquan Ballou

Volunteer Trailblazer

Louise Seals

Community Leader Trailblazer

Alicia Zatcoff, Sustainability Manager of the City of Richmond

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Original — April 08, 2015

Enrichmond’s very first Trailblazer Awards are this much closer to being put into the hands of real people and organizations!

From Enrichmond:

We are thrilled to announce the nominees for Enrichmond’s inaugural Trailblazers Awards. The Trailblazer Awards will be an annual celebration honoring citizens and organizations that are making significant contributions to the environmental well-being of the City of Richmond.

Over the last quarter century, we have seen amazing efforts that preserved our parks, inspired the youth of Richmond to get outdoors, cleaned up the James River, expanded our City’s tree canopy, restored stream banks, and highlighted our beautiful natural surroundings through environmentally conscious recreational activities. It’s time we honor and celebrate those individuals and organizations leading the environmental and sustainable movement in Richmond.

Student Trailblazer Nominees

  • Raquan Ballou
  • Emily Lehman-Rios
  • Arabella Ruggles

Volunteer Trailblazer Nominees

  • Champe Burnley
  • Heather Myers
  • Amy Robins
  • Summer Schultz
  • Louise Seals

Community Leader Trailblazer Nominees

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Find out who will take home the honors at Enrichmond’s 25th Anniversary Celebration on Friday April 10th at 7:00 PM at the Science Museum of Virginia, 2500 W. Broad Street. Purchase tickets ($50) at

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