TIPS: Kroger free fridays

Don’t misinterpret that to mean “Your Fridays are now Kroger-free,” because AS IF.

I know, I know, lots of tips about groceries lately, but mostly that’s because I’m so very bad at planning what to eat when and how to do it cheaply and augh overwhelming! I spend a lot of my time filled with anxiety about grocery stores.

Which is why I enjoy tips like this one, submitted by reader Donna Twoey-McDaniel!1 Every Friday Kroger offers a coupon for one free item. Mostly it’s stuff like a power bar or a fancy fruit soda thing–which I know is totally on the level of a free bag of Kroger-brand String Cheese or a totally gratis lobster–but hey! Free stuff! Anything to help take the edge off an always-stressful grocery experience.

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