TIPS!: For a better 10k

10 tips for your 10ks!

We didn’t stop at just one TIP! for today. Nay! Here are 10 tips, one for each kilometer you may be planning to run this weekend, along with the rest of the free world. Fitness-Oriented Lauren Eubank™ came up with these, so you know they’re legit.

  1. King of Pops will be serving up two 10k pops! A White House Roll pop and a sweat pop. JK! A recovery pop (chocolate-covered banana) and a pomegranate blueberry invention called “the Monumental Mashup.”
  2. If you’re planning on going to brunch afterwards, remember that that identical light bulb went on over everybody else’s head also. Make a reservation RIGHT NOW or eat something right after the race to hold you over until your table is ready.
  3. Carb-loading is a delicious idea, but isn’t really the best prep meal before a race. A mix of protein and carbs will do your body good, but if you’re just looking for an excuse to go to Edo’s your secret is safe with us. 
  4. Ditch the earbuds. Your running playlist might be your security blanket, but there are so many bands to listen to at the 10k, you’ll miss out on half of the experience if you’re in your own musical world.
  5. Park far away (say, at your home if you live in the city), and walk or bike down to the starting line. Parking can be a nightmare (check out the road closures here) and nothing gives you the stress poops like looking for a spot while the time is ticking down.
  6. Drink plenty of water the night before. Chugging H20 the morning of the race is only going to make you pee your way down Monument Avenue, and we don’t want that for you.
  7. Bring some throwaway gloves. The weather is predicted via meteorology magic to be chilly, and frozen hands do not make for a good run. Buy some cheapies on clearance at Target and throw them off when you are done with them. 
  8. If you have friends or family coming to cheer you on, get them to bring you a jacket. Once your heart rate gets back to normal and your adrenaline rush from feeling like a famous superstar subsides, you are going to be a chilly billy!
  9. Say thank you to all the staff and volunteers you run into. These people got up at an ungodly hour to make sure you have port-a-johns to tinkle in (if you ignore #6) and bananas to eat. 
  10. Pat yourself on the back. You just ran 6.2 miles, you rockstar! You should feel awesome about your accomplishment, go celebrate!
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Susan Howson

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