TIP! Your eyeglasses case is a life tool

Behold the humble eyeglasses case. Sturdy. Stalwart. Does its job, and that’s it, right? Wrong.

What you see here is more than a scratch-preventing pod for your Warbys. It’s a multidimensional life tool.

Life tool.

Life tool.

In the past few months, I’ve used my case to clip together a bag of chips, safely stow jewelry at the pool and gym, anchor helium balloons at a party, and yeah, hold some glasses.

In my suitcase you’ll find a case that holds a few spools of thread, buttons and some sewing needles. BOOM TRAVELING REPAIR KIT.

All sorts of necessary life items can be toted around in these sturdy, tightly hinged vessels: tissues, pacifiers, lady items, makeup, nail polish, etc. I’m convinced that the clipping action has many more functions, and I simply have yet to imagine them.

Go ahead and KonMari the string of old, broken, and discarded eyeglasses in your life if that makes you happy. But keep the cases!

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Lesley Bruno

Lesley Bruno likes to solve other people’s problems, both at work and at home, and is a strategic planning consultant at Floricane.

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