TIP! You may now proceed into the Fan

They’re gone! We mean, not that we don’t love VCU students, but…they’re gone!!

This past weekend, VCU graduated thousands of students, and as they head off into the wide, wide world to tackle whatever life has next in store, they leave the streets and apartments of the lower Fan empty. We’ve entered the portion of the year when the area surrounding VCU’s Monroe Park campus becomes creepy ghost town. Maybe not full Silent Hill style ghost town, but still, it seems weird without the throng of students precariously charging into oncoming traffic.

Personally, I enjoy the relative quiet for about a week, and then I start to miss the life the the students bring to town. But now’s your time to finally sit in a park quietly, get a table at Lamplighter, or drive down Main Street without killing a young adult.

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Ross Catrow

Founder and publisher of RVANews.

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