TIP! You could name a restaurant

Exciting times for those of you with oddly specific bucket lists.

The Mill on MacArthur, which has become a Northside dining staple1, announced last week that they’ll open a new restaurant in Church Hill. Planned for January 2016, the new spot is currently nameless–which is where you come in. Any Joe off the street, yourself included, can submit suggestions for the new spot’s name, and the team at TBD will totally consider them.

If your suggestion is chosen, you’ll get a $100 gift card, a menu item named after you, and an invite to their soft opening. You’ve got until October 1st, and you can’t suggest The Mill 2: Secret of the Ooze because I already submitted that one just now.

Fill out my online form.

  1. And drinking staple! They do pitchers of beer! I should have saved that for tomorrow’s TIP! 
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Ross Catrow

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