TIP! What to do with too much booze

We can’t help you with an excessive amount of INGESTED booze, but we can help you get your money back from all that liquor you bought that you did NOT drink.

As a Richmond resident, you’re familiar with the societal agreement we’ve made to provide alcohol at most every event in town. A goodly handful of you know that it’s a challenge to buy the proper amount of booze for these events. Too little and the natives will get restless, too much and you’re left with an excess of bottles and cans that’ll get you a judgmental side eye from your neighbors as you shlep them into your home. The first problem, I cannot help you with. The second, however, is easily solved!

You can return unopened booze to Total Wine! This is an especially valuable tip for those buying beer and wine for an upcoming nuptial. Special bonus tip for those of you bulk-buying liquor (which, if it’s not for a wedding, can I get an invite?): you can return booze to the ABC store, too!

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Ross Catrow

Founder and publisher of RVANews.

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