TIP! Water better

It’s too hot, and your plants need special care. A gardener gave us good advice.

Rather than stand there, spacing out, and spraying your wilted, wimpy hydrangeas with an artificial rainshower, hearken unto the following sage advice! (You probably know this already, but for those of us with black thumbs, this is potentially useful, so go grow your beautiful flowers haughtily somewhere and allow us to improve our lives!)

  • Remove the nozzle from your hose.
  • Turn on the water at, say, a quarter of your normal intensity
  • Nuzzle the business end of the hose up to the roots of the plant you want to pamper
  • Allow the water to trickle at those roots for 15 minutes or so (set a timer on your phone to avoid overwatering)
  • Come back outside, move hose to another plant, and be shocked at how much perkier your hydrangea looks already
  • Sit upon a bench, watch the fireflies, and think about life

Also, don’t forget that native plants are inherently good at handling our climate, and the benefits of planting them in your yard will extend to the ENTIRE ECOSYSTEM.

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