TIP! There’s more than one way to tie a shoe


I swear I am not a toddler. I always have trouble keeping shoes tied, and if they’re not long enough to double-knot, I’m basically an angry, swearing person all day. Just like an actual toddler!

I have vowed this year to wear more comfortable shoes (everyone who knows me will suddenly realize I’m about a foot shorter than they have believed me to be all this time), so the shoelace situation was wearing on my nerves. Luckily, Ian came to the rescue.

Who’s Ian? you ask.

Ian is a guy who cares passionately about shoelaces and want to tell you about them. He introduced me to “Ian’s Secure Shoelace Knot” (“Recommended!”), and I have never been the same. My feet, they just trip lightly about their business, never worrying about a lace dragging upon the sidewalk or causing me to stumble! Nay! The shoelaces stay in a happy and better-looking knot than they have ever experienced before!

Check out his site. The urge to make fun of it will bubble up in your throat, but then you will realize you are thankful for the existence of someone who can explain to you so many ways to tie shoes and ask for nothing in return. I love humans. (Also shoes).

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Susan Howson

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