TIP! There’s more than one way to get a rainbow cookie

Yeah, remember those? The ones you have to go to MARTIN’S to get? Not anymore!

You know when your other half loves White House Rolls but you have to say, “But I shop at Kroger, so you will have to go without!”

My other half is about to understand what it feels like to have a dream come true when I return from Kroger, carrying an armload of Ukrop’s baked goods.

That’s right, grocery store fans! Ukrop’s has struck a deal with the Krogz to bring you its Good Meadow™ products–including The Rolls, rainbow cookies, butterstar cookies, pecan pies, all the good stuff–at your friendly neighborhood Kroger! This means you can get the best string cheese (Kroger brand, of course) and the best chocolate tart (Ukrop’s chocolate fudge tart) in one convenient place!

Here’s hoping rainbow cookies show up on Relay’s website ASAP–this can only be the beginning!

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Susan Howson

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  1. James on said:

    Unfortunately, I have heard Rainbow cookies are one of the only items are not allowed to be sold anywhere but Martins still.

  2. @James: WHAT!? It is a Good Meadow product! I am writing a letter.

  3. Julie on said:

    My mother-in-law found authentic Ukrop’s White House Rolls for Easter. At an Acme. In New Jersey. Best. Easter. Ever.

  4. Josh on said:

    Sadly James is correct, per this Richmond.com article, the Ukrop’s Foods contract with Martin’s only allows them to sell rainbow cookies at Martin’s in the Richmond area. Outside of Richmond, they’d be available at Kroger. http://www.richmond.com/business/local/article_6a2c3e56-f59c-5b13-959f-4bb9f5ed023e.html

  5. Nichole on said:

    Only 22 items at Kroger’s and rainbow cookies are not on the list. :-( http://www.richmond.com/business/local/article_27d96d9a-ef58-11e4-966f-03fbabfa36fa.html

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