TIP! The world’s best shirts for your specific body

Not only is Ledbury doing a custom-made thingy, there’s also a way to get a little discount!

You may have heard that RVA darling Ledbury now offers Made-to-Measure shirts, which will fit your body to a T. Not to a T-shirt, though. How dare you. How. Dare. You.

It’s neat, because Richmonders finally get to say “Eff you, we get something special!” to the rest of the world, who is busy dropping wads of cash on their meticulously crafted shirts. WE can get in there and get an appointment. WE get the royal treatment. WE will have collars that never fall!

Anyway, if you make one of these appointments between now and June 21st for either you or your dad (as a Father’s Day gift, or just because you like making appointments for your dad?), you’ll get a $25 off gift card AND a free gift. I don’t know what that free gift is, but I’ve been assured by an inside source that it’s a good one.

Ten bucks says it’s a live quail.

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Susan Howson

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