TIP! The fanciest Saturday lunch for the least amount of effort/money

Hot dogs and soda are so gauche, right? SCOFF! WRONG!

Dutch & Co.’s Kitchen Door Dogs is one of the best ways to achieve 100% Saturday Lunch Success. Roll up to their spot at 400 N. 27th Street, stand in line with other charming Richmonders as the incredible chefs cook you some form of magical hot dog on an honest-to-goodness charcoal Weber grill. Like, a regular grill you probably have in your back yard this very moment.

On the menu this Saturday is a Pate de Campagne Hot Dog with brie, elderflower cherries, pistachios, and wood sorrel mustard. See! They are not screwing around. You also get a side of stroopwafel. All for just $6! For a couple extra bucks get a homemade soda–flavor of the week: watermelon mint pink peppercorn.

Check out their Facebook for each week’s menu and prepare to be continually amazed.

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Ross Catrow

Founder and publisher of RVANews.

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