TIP! The blues are stupid

An actual thing you can do to trick your body into being happy!

If you’re into Insights, you might think I am talking about a certain category of people who dwell way too much on meaningless details, effectively thwarting anyone else’s chance for fun. 

Oh, those blues are all right, I guess, but what I’m really talking about is Seasonal Affective Disorder and a host of other disrupting things (like jet lag, graveyard shifts, and Post-Big-Bike-Race™ Ennui (PBBRE)). I worked with a person once who suffered from some real winter blues, and she swore by the HappyLight

Also, the Mayo Clinic says that light therapy is real and legitimate??. I am kind of shocked over here! 

Anyway, after ten seconds of Internet shopping, I have determined that this Amazon price ($39) is the best one for the HappyLight, which can trick your body into thinking that summer is still here and we are all mere seconds away from cracking open a crowler of Radler and settling back to watch a huge sporting event in our town. 

If the HappyLight is out of your budget, please note that the Folk Festival is coming up. That might chase some of your blues away.

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