TIP! Target will take your plastic bags

Among other things (including your hard-earned cash).

If, for some reason, you find yourself with a cabinet of plastic bags, you can take them–and other recyclables–on your next Target trip. 

Since 2010, each Target has been outfitted with a recycling station, which is something I personally have never noticed in my attempts to keep my Target visits few and far between. Also, I’m too busy staring at the Pizza Hut Express and wishing mozzarella and oil were super good for me.

Bring plastic bags, plastic (#1 and #2, I imagine, as it doesn’t indicate otherwise), aluminum, hangers, and cell phones, chargers, and ink cartridges.

Got a growing bag full of yogurt containers that you can’t remember where to take? Recycle Nation will tell you where you can take stuff. I’ll save you a click and tell you that Whole Foods in Short Pump is the only place accepting #5 plastics.

As always, the fewer plastic bags you GET, the fewer plastic bags you’ll have to recycle. And plastic doesn’t recycle super efficiently, so it’s best just to avoid it whenever you can. Being a responsible human is hard, I know. I’m with you.


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