TIP! Stop buying iced tea

Still buy the tea, just make it yourself. It literally takes 30 seconds.

It is beyond easy and cheap to make your own iced tea. Like, even easier and cheaper than you imagine it being. I think as a society, we are giving up the idea that we ever have to heat water for anything.

Cold brew is the 2015 answer to everything! 

To make your own iced tea cold brew:

  1. Put 1 teabag or 1 teaspoon of loose tea (whatever kind you want, go nuts) in a pitcher (or giant jar, like I do) for every cup of water you plan to put in there
  2. Fill with water
  3. Put in fridge for several hours (such as overnight)
  4. Remove tea bags or strain tea and voila. 

I used Luzianne because it reminded me of those delicious-seeming commercials in the 80s. Advertising, you really work! Sometimes 30 years later!

If you’re my mother, you will put fresh mint and lemon in there and make it irresistible. If you are me and you just need something caffeinated to grab on your way to work (and assuming iced tea is your caffeine of choice), you won’t bother. Cold brew iced tea tastes fantastic without any embellishment–none of that bitterness that you’ll get from oversteeped tea. 


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Susan Howson

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