TIP! Someone will just take care of your smoke detector situation for free

Today’s tip: A no-cost, no-hassle way to be a responsible homeowner and not die a fiery death.

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If you’ve ever had a smoke detector that just started beeping erratically, you will know that it is SUPER DIFFICULT to resist the urge to just unscrew the dang thing and stick it somewhere, resolving to get a new one at some point before your next house fire.

You cannot predict a house fire!! Come on!

Luckily, you can just get some impressive fire fighter to come over to your house and take care of the whole sitch for free! They’ll check the status of all your alarms, replace any that need to be replaced, and leave with a smile that means “You’re welcome.”

Just call (804) 626-1526 if you live in the city, and they’ll work out a time to come make your life better.

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