TIP! Mosquitoes: the worst.

Are you doing enough to discourage them from existing!?!?

I’m sure they serve some ecological purpose–and I know, I know, they’re essential to creating theme parks centered around extinct organisms–but mosquitoes are my least favorite part of summer. Except for flies. And gnats. Flies and gnats! Ugh! Why can’t everything be a lightning bug!

Anyway, the American Mosquito Control Association (a real thing) wants you to keep three Ds in mind. 


Which also could be good advice for wound care! 

Drain: Empty out water containers at least once per week
Dress: Wear long sleeves, long pants, and light-colored, loose-fitting clothing
Defend: Properly apply an approved repellent such as DEET, picaridin, IR3535
or oil of lemon-eucalyptus

Here’s some more information on repellents. And what do they mean by water containers? Birdbaths, buckets, empty flower pots, the broken lid of your trash can…anything that is vessel-shaped and collects rainwater. That’s where mosquitoes turn into other mosquitoes, like Gremlins. 

Here’s to a welt-free summer!

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