TIP! More cheap pizza!

A pizza correction, and a pizza addition! Cowabunga!

OK, so we spoke too soon last week when we said Bellytimber had cheap pizza. It turns out that it is only on “some” Wednesdays, according to the helpful commenter. We saw a sandwich board, we got excited, we didn’t see any dates. Our bad.

BUT! Here’s another tip from TIP!ster Jaron, who has my thanks. My only memories of Pizza Place in the Bottom involve wandering in there after too much to drink and, at that moment, I found its pizza to be incredibly delicious. I can’t speak for a sober Pizza Place experience, but let me know. 

For people who want a dinnertime cheap pizza option, Pizza Place on 18th and Main have a long-standing (4+ years at least) unadvertised special for two 14” cheese pizzas for $9.99 total (toppings extra at a $1/topping). Every day from 6:00 – 9:00 PM. Just ask for “the VIP special.”

I have always wanted to go somewhere and ask for a VIP special! Jaron, let me buy you a slice!

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