TIP! Lock your laces

Never not talking about tying shoes.

We were all surprised to learn that there were many different ways to tie our shoes, but it turns out there is also a use for that extra hole in your running shoes!

If you have trouble with excess friction and wobbling in the ankle area while you jog (I do jog, I do not have that problem, and I’m not saying I have superior ankles, but I’m not NOT saying it, but I hear looseness in the ankle area is a huge pain)–there is a solution!

I’ve actually been doing this lace-lock anyway, despite my possibly-superior ankles, because I have a hard time letting a shoelace tip just flounder, unused and dejected by the roadside as I stride confidently by.

Go forth and think harder / make more websites about tying shoes, everyone! You’ve got a big fan over here!

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Susan Howson

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