TIP! Library fine amnesty

Richmond Public Libraries is willing to wipe your truant-book-fine slate clean, if you’re willing to help out people who are less fortunate than you.

This month is Hunger Action Month, which I like as a title, because it’s not just like “Oh, btw be AWARE! People don’t have food to eat whilst you hem and haw about which $26 entree to purchase from the latest restaurant.” It’s like “Oh, there are things you can do to literally feed other humans. Please do them this month.”

One of those things is to donate canned food to Feedmore’s Central Virginia Food Bank, and get this! If you donate via Richmond Public Library branches and you have unpaid fines on your card, they will forgive ALL of your fines! Up to $10! Wipe the slate clean!

Think about how much money the library is offering to give up! That makes me want to bring canned food and pay my fines twice over.

This deal lasts through September. Consider donating canned goods, and please think healthy.

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Susan Howson

Susan Howson is managing editor for this very website. She writes THE BEST bios.

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