TIP! It could be your water

Notice a difference in your hair when you travel? Got a plant that is unhappy?

Ever gone to New York, taken a shower, and been like, “Oh my stars! My hair is a shiny, beautiful river! No wonder everyone looks so good, here!” The idea is that New York City has some really great, clean tap water (though I couldn’t find any really reputable sources about this, and lost interest quickly because I am an English major, not a scientist, dammit). And here in Richmond, our water is a little harder.

After my ten minutes of halfhearted research, I bought an Aquasana filter and showerhead, although there are many, many showerhead filters available. Ask anyone in the office, they are super tired of me marching in and demanding that they look at my hair beauty river. More than any special shampoos, conditioners, or masks I’ve tried for my fine, super-breakable, prone-to-frizz hair, this has been effective every single day. I use less product, too, and I can even get away with not blow-drying my hair. Awha!?

A Christmas cactus I have wasn’t doing well, and I read that it may be because of the crap in tap water. I gave the camera that follows me around a wink and a smile, and held that cactus under the showerhead for 20 seconds or so. That thing is so happy and healthy right now, I’m a little afraid it will cactus-hug us in our sleep. 

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Susan Howson

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