TIP! Grilled cheese to the nth degree

It’s summer. No one wants to make complicated things. Let’s just put together this perfect sandwich and be done with it.

Really, there’s pretty much nothing that can go wrong when you combine bread and cheese. But, sometimes you can take the something that’s so good it’s practically perfect and make it even gooder…perfecter.

Grilled Cheese UPGRADES

1. Souperior Grilled Cheese

This one comes from Emily Klinedinst, thank you, Emily, for inspiring me to talk about carbs, butter, and cheese. If you’re into dipping your grilled cheese into steaming hot soup, this one is for you. Seriously, it’s so simple and so yes. Just cut your grilled cheese into strips instead of triangles. That way each bite is un-awkward and deliciously soup covered.


Make your grilled cheese the way you normally would, except this time press one or two tablespoons of parmesan cheese into the butter bread before grilling. Cook until golden brown and you’re left with a yummy parmesan crust on the outside of your sandwich.

3. Conserve your crust

Do you or your pint-sized picky eater hate crust on your sandwiches? Don’t just throw it away–repurpose those cut-off-crusts. Just cut ’em off and cut ’em into smaller pieces, toast ’em, and throw ’em into a piping hot bowl of tomato soup. Or, if no one in your home likes croutons either, you’ve got to like stuffing or bread pudding, right? Just put the cut up crusts, well-wrapped into your freezer then remove and let it thaw completely while still wrapped when you want to use it.

Note: Keep adding to your crust bits to render a bigger dish.

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