TIP! Get your pool bag ready

Get it ready for 2016, put it in a visible place, and this winter won’t seem all that long and terrible.

It’s the last day of summer.

Such a bummer, I know. But the good news is that it WILL be back, hopefully before we know it.

Here’s what you need to do tonight to minimize your looming seasonal affective disorder and help you hit the ground running next Memorial Day:

  • Empty your pool/beach bag
  • Dump out sand accumulations
  • Whimper a little
  • Wash everything washable, including bag (if you want to go the extra mile, do another load with your swimsuits, rinsing beforehand with white vinegar to get any lingering bacteria or mildew outta there)
  • Hose off beach toys
  • Get rid of empty sunscreen bottles, broken shovels, ripped floaties, old magazines, other beach/pool debris
  • Roll up (dry) beach towels, put in (dry) bag
  • Add beach toys, nicely consolidated
  • Wipe off and add any sunscreen bottles worth saving

Now, the key is to take your nice, neat, ready-to-go pool bag and place on the floor of closet that you have to open a lot during winter (such as a coat closet or a linen closet or a hot chocolate closet or whatever). Then whenever you open said closet, you’ll see your cheerful bag and remember that good times will come again.

Plus, when the good times do come again, you’ll be ready with minimal prep. See you at the pool in May 2016.

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Susan Howson

Susan Howson is managing editor for this very website. She writes THE BEST bios.

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