TIP! Get that shiny grill

How are you going to have us all over for al fresco meals if you have a dirty grill?

Grilling is an excellent way to quickly cook various meats, vegetables, and peaches. So many peaches. Please call me when it is time to grill peaches.

But the nasty gunk on your grill will make you think you need a fancy brush and maybe some gross cleaners that you don’t want touching your food. Cease and desist, grillers! All you need is a piece of aluminum foil crumpled up into a frictiony ball. Bonus if you use a piece from something else (like the one I used to cover this tart I made last week that was essentially a failure because strawberries are TOO in season and were TOO juicy and delicious and COULD NOT be contained). Tip within a tip: go get some local strawberries right now.

Rub that metallic crinkly ball over and around the bars of your grill, let the stuff fall into the charcoal / whatever the bottom of a gas grill is, move on with your life.

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