TIP! Eat pork unlike any you’ve ever tasted

The pork you think you know is not the only type of pork there is, turns out!

Last month, Ellwood Thompson’s added Lockhart Family Farm’s pork to their meat selection. And, you guys, it’s not just any pork–it’s heritage-breed Mulefoot pork. This mythical and hard-to-find meat (although it’s raised right out in Woodford, VA) is said to be much redder and more marbled than the typical pork you may find at your local grocery store.

The Mulefoot pig itself is ultra rare and an endangered breed. And while it seems counter intuitive to eat a critically endangered animal, however delicious and fat-marbled it may be, you’re actually helping to ensure its future! Just ask Joisah Lockhart all about it–he’s about as charming an individual as you’ll find.

If you do decide to go whole hog and purchase a whole hot, please, please invite me over. I’ll bring beer!

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Ross Catrow

Founder and publisher of RVANews.

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