TIP! Download audiobooks from the library for free

It’ll make that vacation car trip way, way more bearable.

I discovered audiobooks this year as a way to increase my reading numbers and not waste all those precious non-reading minutes in the car. And guess what, I didn’t have to pay for a single virtual page!

Richmond Public Libraries and Henrico County Libraries use OverDrive to give you online access to their e-materials, which you can e-download and then e-read or e-listen until your time is up. Then, it magically disappears (sometimes you can renew), and you’re on to the next one (or in line to check that one out again). 

Not all books are available and the site isn’t the most user-friendly, but there’s an iPhone app that’s a little easier to maneuver, and hey, when things are free, I don’t allow myself to get too picky.

You’ll first need to stop by a branch, get a library card, and ask them to give you a quick tutorial. If you’ve already got a card (good for you!), stop by anyway and tell them to guide you. I promise you it is the easiest way.

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