TIP! Ward off disease while getting groceries

Kill two birds with one stone, where one of the birds is a thriving mass of viruses.

Are you a demigod who believes in strength, character, and the strength of the character of your immune system over influenza?

Bless your little heart, and I wish you well. For those of us mere mortals who have no desire to fall incredibly ill and even less desire to watch our children do so, we will be getting flu shots in our arm.

And now, Kroger offers them!

If your insurance covers it (and they accept Medicare, too), you could just waltz in and waltz out with your groceries and a flu shot, without expense of either food or time.

Between their fabulous sparkling water brand, their superior string cheese, their growing bulk selection, and their trained pharmacists dispensing vaccines, I’m having a hard time coming up with a reason to ever waltz out. It’ll be cool, Kroger, I’ll just set up camp in the seasonal aisle and you won’t even know I’m there (until you start to wonder why you can never keep Diana’s Bananas in stock).

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Susan Howson

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