TIP! Do a ton of indoor cycling, get discounts

Stationary cycling is a great way to stay in shape…everybody keeps telling us.

We give our resident spin instructor, Lauren Millard, a hard time because she’s always so fit and full of energy. But we don’t mind that much, because in her classes she gives us a hard time for JUST BEING ALIVE.

At Boho Cycle Studio, where she yells at sweaty people, you can sign up to attempt 30 rides in September. That’s one ride a day, if you’re no math or calendar whiz.

IF you complete the challenge (and that’s a big IF, because…dang), you get 30% off anything they sell (in one transaction). So, like, you could grab a giant class admission package plus some hip shirts and some clips for your shoes and another class package and another and another. If you only make it to 20 because you are a regular superhero and not a next-level superhero, you get 20% off.

Not only could you discover a new hobby (first class is free, btw), you could potentially save a lot of money on being yelled at by Lauren! Sorry, yelled “WITH.” “With.”

Sign up at the studio itself — 714 N. Sheppard Street.

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Susan Howson

Susan Howson is managing editor for this very website. She writes THE BEST bios.

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