TIP! Diminutive house, big huge quantities of wine

Here is some money. Pick my wine out for me please!

I’m one of those people who love a good subscription. Send me a thing in the mail once a month? Yes you may! Take money from me once and then make it feel like I’m picking up fresh fruit every week for free? Absolutely!

You know who you are, fellow subscription lovers. And those of you who are also wine lovers, listen up (if you’re not too busy being all purple-lipped and tipsy). 

Little House–whom we love internally for their entertaining emails and also their tendency to make us fondly remember Laura Ingalls Wilder books–now offers a wine club. For $35 a month, you can join Club Little House and get two bottles of two different tasty small-production wines.

Got a bigger budget and more selective palate? You can join Club Big House for $55 a month and get some fancier wines all up in that palate. 

Plus, you’ll get some valuable info about what to pair it with and where it came from. Each box will include at least one bottle of red and then another bottle of red, white, or sparkling. Sign up online or in the shop.

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Susan Howson

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