TIP! Combine your theme park efforts

Get the most for your summer thrill-seeking buck.


Kings Dominion (home of amazing coasters like the Volcano and the Dominator) joins Busch Gardens (home of amazing coasters like Alpengeist and the Griffon) to offer a JOINT TICKET!?

These two rivals–one jam-packed with rides and funnel cake, the other a verdant stroll through forests, over bridges, and into a Dark Castle–have put aside their differences (White Water Canyon vs. Roman Rapids) to convince us all that spending a trillion dollars on a day’s admission pass might be worth it!

Two higher-ups gave a speech yesterday on Capitol Square (lol, guys) to give us the glorious news.

Here’s how “Virginia Thrills” tickets work:

For $106, you can go to both parks, but you have to do it within one week.

For $135, you can get two tickets to KD, one to BG, and one to Water Country, USA, but you have to do it within one week.

One week is pretty tough to swing, but the idea is probably to get out-of-towners in for a full week of Virginia glory. I, however, may just use them both in one weekend. Unfortunately, the ticketing link does not work yet (lol, guys x2), but it’ll be available ere long.

Does anyone remember the days when Kings Dominion cost less than $30 to attend?

Here are some old ads to make you feel things.


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