TIP! Claim your old money

The Virginia Treasury has graciously kept track of all of your odds and ends and is willing to pay you cash money whenever you ask for it.

Virginia Treasury’s Unclaimed Property Program makes the social media rounds once in awhile, but I am here to tell you that you could actually get some real money back!

And, dude, even if you get 10 bones back, why wouldn’t you do it? I’ve been excited about lottery tickets that had a smaller return!

Here’s the gist: you moved away from some apartment a decade ago, and maybe you turned off your phone service (we had landlines back then) and maybe that phone service owed you money because you had paid for a month but etc. etc. And maybe they sent you a check and you weren’t there, so it got returned. That money doesn’t just sit around with the company–they Virginia Treasury gets it AND holds onto it for ages and ages until you ask for it.

WHAT IN THE!? COULD IT BE?! Yes, it could! I, personally, went through the process a million months ago. That process involves searching on their site and then filling out a form to claim my property. Guys, I got a $75 check in the mail last week! Welcome back, dollaz!

Go forth and claim!


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Susan Howson

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